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Decentralized cryptocurrency, for creators of NFT items in Meta. Discover a new world in the Metaverse with Meta NFT.
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Create and sell your artwork on our NFT marketplace. Invest in a new world by purchasing Meta NFT!
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Entertainment in the metaverse

Обработка видео...

Meta cryptocurrency. Mission of the project

We want to unite all creators from all over the world to create incredible items for the future metaverse from Facebook. Everyone can create something unique and sell it through our marketplace for future use in Meta. Just imagine what opportunities are opening up! Indeed, in the meta-universe, you can invite friends to your virtual home and show your NFT collections. How about creating exclusive clothing for your Avatar? Or a line of super huge TVs !? The possibilities are endless! By investing in Meta NFT, you become a part of a new amazing virtual world, which will be filled with items created on the basis of our marketplace.
Road Map

Concept creation. Smart contract development

Website development and official accounts on social networks

Presale on PancakeSwap

Meta NFT marketing campaign and increasing the number of holders

Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Airdrops among the community


Smart contract audit. Whitepaper V2


Listing on exchanges


NFT marketplace launch


Entering the TOP-500 Coinmarketcap

How to buy?
☑️ Open Google Chrome or Firefox and install Binance Wallet or MetaMask as a browser extension. Register a wallet. If you buy from a mobile phone, download the MetaMask app for iPhone or Android.
☑️ Select a network in the Binance Smart Chain wallet. Buy BNB on the exchange and transfer BNB to your Binance Wallet or MetaMask
☑️ Click on the button below to purchase. Connect your wallet by clicking on the "Connect Wallet" button
☑️ Select the desired amount of BNB to buy and press the Swap button! Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
☑️ If the BNB / META pair has not been formed in automatic mode, then simply paste the contract address into the second column.
The contract:
Network BSC
"Connect Wallet"

Meta NFT is a decentralized token for selling and buying NFT for the metaverse from Facebook. The team develops the NFT marketplace and also creates unique products. Follow the news in our Telegram community!

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